St. Olaf Garden Research and Organic Works

Transplants and a greenhouse!

After our successful planting party and a few other planting sessions, a good third of the table space in the St. Olaf research greenhouse is full of our trays of sprouting plants! Some of the brussel sprout transplants are a little leggy (long and spindly) because we had to start them on the floor, but the rest are looking fine. Dan and I have been checking on them every day during chapel. Tonight we are meeting to make the biggest purchase yet - a greenhouse! We are out of space in the school's greenhouse but we have TONS left to plant, so we need more greenhouse space ASAP. When it arrives, we'll probably need some people power to help us put it up, so watch for an email soliciting a little help from everyone on the alias. Not on the alias yet? Email, and we'll fix that right away. : )


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