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Hello, my name is Rob Smith and I'm one of the new farmers interning at STOGROW. I will be a sophmore next fall. I'm majoring in Mathematics and have an interest in Enviromental Studies.

In addition to learning how the farm operates, this year I will be raising chickens. Last week Day and I built a mobile chicken coop, and just yesterday I was finally able to pick up our six week old chicks. We currently have eight chickens with plans to pick up about nine more later in the summer. I thought chickens would help add to the farm atmosphere at STOGROW. But on a more practical note, chickens are known to have a positive impact on soil quality because their manure is rich in nitgrogen and phosphates. Chickens are also helpful because they churn up the dirt as they hunt for pests on the ground.

Anyone interested in checking out the farm, the chickens, or the baby lambs (we're expecting to pick up a few in late June) is welcome to stop by the farm anytime. We can always be found out at the farm early in the morning, and depending on the day, in the afternoons as well.


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