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Within half a week the garden has truly come alive. On Monday we began by planting some corn, beans, and squash using the three sisters method. We think we may see the beginnings of something green here, but it could just be weeds (we're choosing to be optimistic). We also got a greens mix planted in the back of the garden where it can find some protection from the already very hot sun. Tuesday we got a lettuce mix in the ground and watered thoroughly. Then we finished the day by cutting some of the surrounding grass and pruning the raspberry bushes. Wednesday was a big day for our little farm. A good chunk of the transplants are now planted, the herb mound has been groomed, and we got a brand new tiller! It required a full eight hour work day but the results were well worth the time. Thankfully, it rained Wednesday night, helping all our newly planted vegetables to take root. However, this means the ground is too wet for planting so we are keeping occupied with various jobs. After playing with the newly arrived chickens and righting our wind-blown green house, we may have to call it a day and wait for the ground to dry. After three days of hard work, it is nice that mother nature is giving us a little break.


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