St. Olaf Garden Research and Organic Works

Seeds and Earthway Seeder

The seeds and the seeder ( have arrived! Johnny's sent our order in a few waves since it was so big, but finally all the boxes are in. Now all we need to do is purchase potting soil and trays and we will be set to go for starting our transplants in the greenhouse, which we will probably start after spring break. We won't use the Earthway seeder until the spring when we are doing direct seeding of vegetables like carrots, salad mix, radishes, and beans.

Next purchases- potting soil, transplant trays, and a Valley Oak wheel hoe (

Also coming soon- The Story of STOGROW

Student Farm Directory

I've stumbled upon a really exciting resource- the Student Farm Directory! The directory links to college farms all over the country that are doing CSA's, operating farm stands, donating to food shelves, and selling to their cafeteria. I've already been inspired by all the websites and successful set ups that students have managed to start. Seems like most of the colleges have an actual organic gardening course... hint hint.

Check it out here.

I sent in STOGROW's info, and we are listed under the Midwest section.