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Check out the article on STOGROW Farm and our mutually beneficial relationships with St. Olaf and Bon Appetit Management Company at! Olaf students, our chefs, and our former General Manager are all pictured as well.

While you're on the site, take some time to learn more about the Rodale Institute, browse the classifieds, and learn about no-till vegetables and greenhouse season extension. Take it from us -- it's one of the most useful websites out there!
Farmer Heidi, aka Snake Charmer Heidi
(We found this garter snake hanging out in our barn. We've seen him around a few times since.) Posted by Picasa
A St. Olaf student enjoying STOGROW lettuce mix in Stav Hall Posted by Picasa
A sample of the produce we've delivered lately -- zukes, orient express eggplant, and summer squash Posted by Picasa
Moe and Heidi scoping out the squash and zukes Posted by Picasa
Eggplant in bloom Posted by Picasa
Plain old leaves are beautiful if you give them a chance Posted by Picasa
A close up view of our heirloom corn  Posted by Picasa
Mmmm... wild raspberries from STOGROW Posted by Picasa
Farmer Heidi and Executive Chef Peter Abrahamson examine the first delivery of produce! Posted by Picasa

Early morning salad mix and greens mix harvesting

 Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa

The Vacation Bible School visits the cows

 Posted by Picasa

July 5th Update

Things are looking great down at STOGROW. Ok, they're looking a little dry due to ten days without rain, but the summer squash are booming, the tomatoes are ready for trellising, and we already delivered our first harvests of salad mix, greens mix, and black-cap raspberries. The four STOGROWers have had plenty to do -- there are always transplants to put in (sunflowers, basil, and cilantro these days), rows of veggies to mulch, and, of course, weeds of every variety to pull.

We had visitors last Tuesday! A vacation bible school group from two churches in north Minneapolis came to visit the farm, learn about organic agriculture, eat raspberries, and have a picnic in the sun. As you'll see in the picture above, neighboring farmer Ray Larson's cows were a big hit. As one little guy in the group was petting a cow, he finally made the connection between his hamburgers and the animal he was watching. He then turned to me and asked, "So, where does chicken come from??" : )

Summer squash will be ready soon, as will more raspberries and another cutting of salad greens. Think good thoughts for our peppers -- for some reason unknown to us they are dropping their leaves, not getting bigger, and looking generally sickly. We're investigating but would appreciate any advice you have!

Until next time,