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Seasons Greetings

A new season is at hand here at the STOGROW Farm- that wonderful time of year when we have the opportunity to turn a barren landscape into a veritable verdant oasis of eco-friendly produce to share with our peers and anyone else who swings through Stav Hall during the summer/early fall months. It stands to be the most bountiful year to date for the STOGROWers, with three terrific new additions to the workforce and another expansion to the garden courtesy of a grain bin removal.
We'd love to see or hear from anyone interested in stopping down for a chat or, even better, those dedicated individuals who would like to lend a helping hand to our feel good operation. The rewards are always much greater than the work that goes into it!
Stay tuned for more updates as the season progresses~ Happy Trails!- Farmer Moe


Blogger Mom said...

This is Olivia's mom writing from the glacier-scoured North Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. I have soil envy! Love the pictures and comments from this year and last and hope to see new ones posted as the summer progresses. Our own garden is producing arugula right now but it will surely bolt tomorrow--looks like we'll have it stir-fried for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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