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A few pictures of what has been going on lately...

Now that things are starting to settle down at the farm we've gotten the chance to try some new things: Lately I've been trying letting a few of the chickens run around freely. At first they were a little reluctant to leave the safety of their coop, and when they did leave they would not venture far. After a week or so of this they became a bit more aggressive in looking to escape the coop. Luckily, those brave enough to venture off are very habit forming, and don't like to be away from the rest of the herd for very long. The chickens have almost doubled in size since we first got them, which is really no surprise considering how much we spoil them. On top of their basic feed, the chickens have gone through an entire ant mound, handfed worms, and plenty of fruit and vegetable scraps.

The baby sheep have adjusted nicely to their new homes. Moses, the most outgoing of the three, has been getting into playful head pushing/butting contests with Moe and me. The other two, Martin Luther and Wendell, have really warmed up to human contact and enjoy our presence.

Finally, we've been observing how different plants grow in either pure mulch or dirt with nothing added to it. As far as results go, the plants grown in dirt started off significantly better. But, in the past week the mulch plants have made a push effort to catch up, when we know the final results I'll post them along with the pictures. I've also started another experiment to test how a combination of the two stacks up, more to come later...


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