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2007 STOGROW Farm Festival!

Whew! Not much time to write a full blog; things at the farm have been going full speed these past few days. Our harvests have been bountiful, our crops healthy, and our livestock lively! And now the day that we've all looked forward to is almost upon us, that day when we can share with our community the fruits of our labor--both the produce itself and the rich spirit of sustainable, organic farming! Tomorrow our farm will host a variety of activities from 11am-5pm, including refreshments provided by Bon Appetit featuring STOGROW produce, self-guided farm tours, children’s activities, beekeeping demonstrations, and live music. Come see what makes our garden grow! For more information, visit the St. Olaf website and click on the calendar icon.

When: 11am to 5pm, July 21st
Where: STOGROW Farm (behind the Cannon River
Watershed Partnership, at 8997 Eaves Avenue)
What: Activities, music, food, demos, fun!


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